Tennessee Valley Authority

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a federal corporation, is the nation’s largest public power company. It operates fossil fuel, nuclear and hydropower plants, and produces energy from renewable sources, in an area covering seven states. The 1990 Clean Air Act Amendment requires U.S. utilities to reduce or remove sulphur dioxide emissions. To be in compliance, TVA built new scrubbers in its Cumberland power plant. The new building facility also required the installation of a series of Induced Draft Fans (I.D. Fans).

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BHP Billiton

Slope stability is a major concern if the only thing between your mine and the Suriname River is an embankment of sand, especially if critical reserves require blasting in close proximity to the embankment. To keep the ore flowing out of the mine, GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech was brought in to establish vibration criteria and develop blast design recommendations to minimize the impact on the sand embankment.

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