Pre-Blast/Pre-Construction Inspections

Make your first look your best look. Accurate inspection is an essential first step of your project as well as a foundation for legal defense later.

Get off to a solid start. As a public relations tool, inspections at the start of a project introduce GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech experts to homeowners. It establishes an open door communication policy, and emphasizes third party oversight and civic responsibility.

Pre-blast and pre-construction inspections are the first look at a house, commercial building or other structure adjacent to your project site.

An inspection documents the structural condition prior to vibration producing activity. The inspection establishes a meaningful baseline for determining appropriate project vibration limits or evaluating alleged damage. A seasoned inspector knows conditions that typically appear in a structure. They are skilled and adept at documenting these areas, while still observing unusual or atypical conditions.

Our versatile documentation and report format is customized to comply with prevailing regulatory requirements, satisfy project specifications and meet specific client requests. It may consist of verbal notations on audio tape, digital photography, diagrams, text and notations, videotape or some combination of the above.