Static Water Level

Whether constant or constantly changing, GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech’s water table monitoring quenches your thirst for accurate water measurement information.

Any operation excavating below the land surface has a potential need for water measurement monitoring as part of the permitting and regulatory process. Continual water well monitoring helps you maintain certification to permit conditions.

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech’s Re:mote Monitoring systems provide an efficient, accurate solution to measurement and reporting. Long-term continual measurement typically requires personnel to visit wells, obtain readings and transcribe data to other analysis programs, but with Re:mote Monitoring, our units measure wells, ponds, lakes or other bodies of water and provide convenient, web-based access to data.

Multiple wells, off-site and on-site, can be reviewed from a website custom-designed for each firm. Managers can review all sites while restricting employee-level access to an individual mine or site. Instrumentation can be alarmed so that a text message alert is automatically sent when threshold levels are reached.

Wells are only part of our water monitoring configurations. Our units can also measure tide changes in marinas and are easily adaptable to lake monitoring or overflow ponds. The same remote access via the Internet is available, allowing boaters to check tide levels prior to departure or plan trips based on tidal changes. Applications for your operation can be tailored by our superior shop and development group.