Seismic Tomography

Need a sound way to improve your subsurface imaging? GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech takes our seismic reflection technique to the next level with seismic tomography.

Tomography is the iterative inversion of a matrix of material properties used to reconstruct a cross section or slice through a region. During a seismic tomography survey an array of sensors is deployed in a borehole or along the ground surface. Acoustic energy from individual source points located at multiple stations in another borehole or along the ground surface is recorded. The compressional or shear waves’ arrival times measured on the recorded seismograms define the material properties between the source and receivers. Variations in the material properties of the region caused by weathered bedrock, fracture zones, voids or solution activity will result in corresponding variations in the seismic velocity. The result is a tomogram – an image of the internal velocity structure based on the distribution from a set of array paths obtained at different viewing angles.