Water pH Meter

Be hands on and still hands free. Our remote water pH balance testing lets you be aware without being there.

Mining, quarrying, industrial and construction operations can be overwhelmed by the need to monitor multiple environmental conditions. Making measurements to provide the data to meet regulations and permit conditions requires time and personnel and represents a significant cost.

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech can help with Re:mote Monitoring units that can be configured in multiple formats to meet your environmental monitoring needs.

For example, EPA and state regulations require information related to monitoring groundwater conditions, such as pH within test wells, streams and lakes. For those areas, our Re:mote Monitoring units provide continual measurement of critical levels and report on pre-determined intervals.

Data generated during the monitoring is available via web pages customized for your company. Access to the site is coded for management, superintendent and employee access. You can review your environmental data anywhere you have Internet access. In addition, the data format is flexible enough to allow comments to be entered, so heavy rainfall, spills and other potential affects can be noted at the time of occurrence and documented for further evaluation. Levels measured are graphically represented and available for download in spreadsheet formats, which can then be imported into hydrologic data management programs for analysis and reporting to determine compliance.

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech meters are accurate and stable. All units have alarms that can signal changes in the base levels established during setup. This helps indicate where or when changes in pH occur. Combined with static water level measurement, our system provides a total evaluation of water changes associated with your operation.