GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech understands the value of customization. Our approach is simple: add more to it to get more out of it. Count on our accessories to expand functionality wherever you need it.

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech 3000 Series instrumentation comes with a variety of accessories and optional equipment. Use these add-ons for advanced level recording:

Accelerometers: Change the transducer from velocity standards to measure acceleration. The optional transducer measures from 0.03 to 10 g’s.

Alarm System: SSU 3000 series instruments support an external alarm running off the internal trigger settings. The system includes a tripod which holds a first-stage flashing yellow strobe light and second-tier siren, allowing for instant notification when a user-defined trigger level is exceeded. All connecting cables for the seismograph are included.

Amplifier (10X, 100X): Low-level vibration signals require amplification for recordings to be separate from low-level digital circuit noise. External signal amplifiers work with the triggered settings and are recognized by seismograph equipment.

Dialer: The automatic dialer works with the alarm system, allowing the unit to call out upon alarm. When vibration or air overpressure exceeds user-defined trigger levels, the seismograph automatically dials a pre-set phone number(s) to alert you. The system requires a dedicated phone line.

Geophones: Alternate geophones are available for all 3000 series units. Standard surface or shallow surface burial transducers are available in 10 in./sec. and 20 in./sec. ranges. Uni-axial and down-hole geophones and other specialty transducers are also available for special circumstances.

Hydrophones: Specially designed hydrophones are available for measurement of pressure in water. This specialty transducer measures changes in hydrostatic pressure produced by blasting or other rapid pressure changes. Standard configuration includes 200-foot cable, with custom lengths available.

Microphone – High Pressure: Microphones are available up to 168 dB to measure high noise levels from close proximity blasting or other impulsive sources. Leases can be arranged for units complete with microphones for a short-term basis.