Although we often work with large areas, GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech’s instrumentation provides the precision and detail people associate with microscopes. When it comes to your construction sites and nearby buildings, you can count on our continual monitoring and reliable information to give you the sharp focus, deep insights and clear views you need.

Tilt Meters

Tilt monitoring is primarily used for measuring the vertical and horizontal rotation of structures on projects involving deep excavation, heavy demolition or blasting near structures of concern.

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Crack Monitoring

The crack gauge is a valuable tool for observing the movement of a cosmetic or structural crack during vibration causing events.

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Strain Monitoring

If you need to measure the deformation of a particular element or material due to some applied load during construction or blasting, strain gages can provide a solution.


For measuring lateral movement of engineered structures and slopes, Re:mote in-place inclinometers systems are a useful tool for such monitoring. Horizontal and vertical inclinometers provide profiles of differential and accumulated displacement during construction and blasting activities.


If ground settlement or heave is of concern, single or multiple point borehole extensometers can be used to measure this movement. Extensometers can also be used for detecting movement of underground structures such as tunnels and utilities.


Monitoring water elevations in boreholes, lakes and streams is often necessary during construction projects to monitor dewatering efforts or evaluate construction effects.