A GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech Iso-Seis evaluation gives you the whole story behind your vibration footprint, so you can keep your operation on solid ground.

Vibration from blasting produces wide-ranging vibration perception. While seismographs can ensure and demonstrate compliance, community reviews and public meetings require more advanced analysis. GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech developed the Iso-Seis program to contour vibration levels using multiple instruments distributed over the adjacent community. Measurements from up to 150 individual recording units provide demonstrable vibration data for evaluating a single blast and show the vibration as it is affected by geology and pattern development. Iso-Seis allows an operations manager to assess ground vibration attenuation, determine specialized geologic features that affect vibration and evaluate community complaints in one operation.

Ground vibration reduction with distance evaluations may be completed with multiple blast evaluations and projections based upon regression analysis. The goal of the Iso-Seis program is to take attenuation to a significantly greater and more accurate level. The vibration contouring shows the maximum attenuation of the geology and can indicate the presence of “hot spots” or areas where vibration may affect soil profiles differently. Ultimately, whether construction, mining or quarrying, vibration levels are more accurately predicted.

In addition to standard blasting, the effects of modifications to the blasting patterns can be assessed. By modifying loading parameters, the vibration changes may be visually seen and demonstrated. This includes loading, pattern orientation and delay sequences. Combined with Vibra-Map, delay selection programs maximize your blasting operations.

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