Seismic Analysis Software

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech has unparalleled experience in the development of analysis software, programming options and equipment for virtually any seismic application.

Ground vibration and air overpressure levels measured by portable seismographs often provide the only record of an event. With something that important, you cannot trust printing and evaluation to just any seismic software – so our GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech 3000 series seismographs all come with specially designed software.

GeoSonics announces our latest software suite. AnalysisNET is the most comprehensive and advanced software for GeoSonics 3000 Series seismograph. The software combines Seismic Analysis and Event Manager software in a single package that employs the .NET framework. AnalysisNET allows easier access to data files provides multiple report combinations and gives you the ability to manage your data.

Features include:

  • Auto hide / docking of multiple screens
  • Direct email of results from the program
  • Direct link to GeoSonics on-line tools
  • FFT Analysis
  • Multiple US and International compliance standard formats

AnalysisNET is compatible with Windows 7 operating systems and provides the latest innovations from GeoSonics. Download the current version below and get started with your evaluation.

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech Event Manager Software is the instrument programming and downloading software specifically set up for SSU 3000 products. It is the premier software utility for extracting and transferring events from SSU 3000 seismographs, floppy disks and zip files and extracting both SSU 3000 and SSU Micro event file manager programs installed on the Sharp Wizard handheld computer. The latest release includes instrument setup utilities for 3000 Series and Micro II seismographs. Connecting the software to the instrument is straightforward, and allows you to set up text information and recording parameters, synchronize the clock to your PC, and adjust all other instrument menus. Once recording has been completed, you use the same software to download events, create storage directories and organize your records.

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech Seismic Analysis Software is our comprehensive software to display and analyze recorded data. Features include compliance reports, waveform plotting, FFT computation, and a sophisticated export facility. The latest release includes support for Micro II seismographs and our new printing seismographs, the 3000LCP, LCP PLUS and 5500. The data review function allows for all of the necessary printing and evaluation of vibration seismograms. The software allows you to expand the vibration records, look at single channels or portions of the waveform, and add notes on the records for later use or recordkeeping.

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech Advanced Analysis Software is our most powerful analysis and printing software package for SSU 3000 seismographs. With all features active, it includes velocity, acceleration, displacement and resultant velocity waveforms. Compliance waveform analysis and printing includes OSM/USBM and complex waveform review. Our Advanced Analysis Software also allows for specialty limit analysis, including FFT and Power Spectra analysis. To purchase this advanced level software, contact any GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech office.

Software Downloads:

If you have any questions about software downloads, please contact Cory Bauman at 800-992-9395.