Attenuation Studies

Whether mining, quarrying or constructing, vibration solutions aren’t one size fits all. GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech is your resource for the most complete overall site evaluation.

There is no single ground vibration reduction solution for mining, quarrying and construction sites. GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech’s attenuation studies can evaluate your overall blasting program and provide all the solutions you need – from technical to public relations.

Vibration is an issue any time blasting operations are in close proximity to neighbors. In such cases, companies often spend considerable time and resources on community relations, but efforts will fall short if there’s a lack of attention to off-site ground vibration and airblast from blasting. Third-party evaluation rooted in GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech’s 60 years of experience can greatly enhance the credibility of your evaluation.

Using evaluations of blast data with regression analysis for ground vibration and airblast, GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech can establish trends and assess vibration concerns. Where multiple blast locations and benches create varying results due to geology, pattern orientation, depth and loading configuration, our evaluations can provide answers to those concerns. When internal data is insufficient, GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech can also plan and execute ground vibration measurements to develop site-specific data.

For advanced analysis, our Vibra-Map and Iso-Seis evaluations further the on-site technical data and can demonstrate successful blasting program modifications to communities, regulators and management. Continual measurement programs and web-based results can provide real-time evaluations and further emphasize your responsiveness to the community.