Noise Projection Modeling

Get sound advice you can trust. Our noise projection analysis services can identify and mitigate noise before it becomes a problem.

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech’s noise projection analysis service can help you understand potential or existing noise concerns and mitigation options. Whether it’s a single point source of noise, an area source with multiple noise sources and types or road noise, GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech can provide modeling and projection analysis.

Noise Projection Analysis

Noise level projection analysis can be completed using a three-dimensional graphics-oriented program that uses the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9613-2, a general-purpose standard for outdoor noise propagation. This software determines how the noise from each piece of equipment will vary with distance. It also provides a method to sum the noise from each piece of equipment at various noise receptor locations, import digital maps and images to be used for data presentation, and also incorporates the effects of topography, ground cover and shielding from buildings and structures if digital information is available.

Based on actual measured noise or a library of reference noise levels from equipment or processes, the number and type of noise sources, the distance to receptor locations, and any existing topography or planned berms or barriers, GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech can predict and project noise levels over a specified geographic area. This type of prediction is especially helpful in permitting requests for new or expanding operations as well as for construction projects.

For mining applications, noise projection modeling is often required during the permitting process for new or expanding operations. Being able to demonstrate compliance to noise regulations is a very important and often necessary step in being successful with your application.

Most construction projects require a noise monitoring and control plan to be in place before the work gets started and, in some cases, an ambient sound study as well. Using a list of proposed construction equipment to be used, equipment noise testing and projection modeling of expected project noise levels for property line and sensitive noise receptor locations can be made. In addition, mitigation from noise barriers or blankets can be assessed.

Noise Contouring

In order to put together a complete evaluation of noise levels for either a mining operation or construction project, graphic contouring of the data is necessary. GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech’s multi-stage approach to noise level evaluation includes measurement, modeling, evaluation and graphic representation of noise levels. Either through development of contour lines of equal noise or graphic overlays on aerials or CAD drawings, our professionals expertly demonstrate noise effects on adjacent noise receptor locations and communities.

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