(MASW) Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves

New problems need new solutions. GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech’s multi-channel analysis is a modern solution to the growing problem of subsurface imagery in today’s noisy construction sites and urban environments.

Multi-channel analysis of surface waves (MASW) is a seismic method for the characterization of the shear wave velocity of the subsurface. The MASW technique is similar to seismic refraction in that a sound wave is induced into the subsurface and recorded along a traverse line that contains an array of sensors. However, MASW utilizes the dispersive properties of Rayleigh-type surface waves to determine the variation of shear wave velocity with depth. The obtained shear wave results can be used to determine the IBC Vs100 of the study area. Based on the 2000 International Building Code, IBC Vs100 involves classification of the upper 100 feet of an area’s rock and soil package into an average shear wave velocity value. In addition to IBC Vs100 site classification, typical MASW survey applications include foundation engineering, void detection, landfill and in-fill investigations, and stratigraphic and lithological studies.