Town Meetings

At GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech, we believe clear and concise communication is the foundation for building community trust.

Often times we are requested by county or city officials to assist in writing regulations or ordinances to address community noise and vibration. In addition, we often assist these officials in communicating these technical topics to their constituents in a public forum.

In many cases, permitting for developing new sites or new operations, or expanding existing operations requires zoning approval through local or county boards. During that process, questions are often raised about the activity at the operation and the effects on adjacent structures and communities. On issues like blasting side effects, structure response, vibration limitations, and more, the principals of GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech have the expertise, professional demeanor and industry respect and qualifications to answer your questions.

Our experience ranges from drilling and blasting procedures to explosives and explosives safety, ground vibration and air overpressure, and community noise levels. Based on our firm’s history, our experts are able to provide solid, scientifically based testimony and address the concerns of everyone from individual property owners to high-level government officials.

For more information, download our What You Need to Know Before Blasting Begins brochure.