GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech is proud of our accomplishments and is honored to work for our clients.

Our Balcones Quarry is conveniently located in New Braunfels, TX a town that sits between San Antonio and Austin. As the communities closed in around our quarry, we wanted to make sure we were transparent with the community so we could address concerns and educate residents. Striving to use only the best practices and state-of-the-art techniques, we asked Vibra-Tech to set-up their Re:mote seismographs to monitor vibration. Over the years, we have added seismographs and we currently have nine units surrounding the quarry. To help track weather influenced complaints, Vibra-Tech installed a weather station. Having a third-party provide vibration monitoring data has helped us continue to keep the residents informed and our operations on schedule.

Lance Griffin
Director of Aggregate Operations for Texas and New Mexico

We would like to commend Mohammad Sharif for his assistance in a recent arbitration in which we were involved. Sharif was outstanding in providing counsel on an extremely technical and complicated construction issue and was instrumental in our client obtaining a successful outcome to the arbitration.

A little over four years ago, we were contacted by a foundation drilling company client to assist it with a matter involving a claim of excessive vibrations arising out of the construction of deep drilled piers for a proposed high-rise development in a neighborhood with several historic structures.

We contacted Sharif and engaged him and Vibra-Tech as our consultant in this matter. We were fortunate to connect with a structural dynamic consultant of Sharif’s expertise and stature.

Sharif was the ultimate teacher at the arbitration. His credentials and extensive unique experience with the issues before the arbitrator gave him instant credibility.

We look forward to another opportunity to work with Sharif. He is extremely helpful and is always a gentleman. We will gladly recommend Sharif to our clients and our construction attorney peers, and provide a reference to anyone looking to retain Sharif’s services.

Gerald L. Stovall, P.E.
Attorney, Chair -Construction Services Group
Managing Shareholder-Louisville office
Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.S.C.


Brian A. Veeneman
Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, P.S.C.
McCormick Taylor – Wesley G. Mitchell

We reached out to Vibra-Tech and from start to finish they offered a level of experience and professionalism that was not only refreshing, but a critical component in the project’s overall success. Vibra-Tech’s original scope was to only conduct pre-demolition building assessments, but by the end of the project they were performing 24/7 vibration monitoring services during demolition and even provided assistance with another firm’s air quality monitoring, which I see as a testament to their skill level and breadth of knowledge in this particular field of study. Their online reporting tools made it easier for the project stakeholders to stay informed on the monitoring activities remotely.

Wesley G. Mitchell
Senior Transportation Engineer
McCormick Taylor

Laredo Petroleum recently worked with Vibra-Tech, Inc. to complete the Connie Edwards 3D and Sugg Ranch 3D projects. Vibra-Tech conducted ground vibration monitoring and water well sampling for this project. We were really impressed with the professionalism and quality of work. I look forward to working with Vibra-Tech in the future.

Kent West
Sr. Geophysical Advisor
Laredo Petroleum
Larendo Petroleum – Larry W. Gardner

The work of Vibra-Tech, Inc. on the Connie Edwards 3D and Sugg Ranch 3D acquisition programs was very successful. Your lead technician was extremely helpful and held the continuity together for the water well sampling and ground vibration monitoring throughout both projects. He made sure that all staff was familiarized with the project area, the way the crew was working as well as the vibration parameters for the projects. It would have been a far more difficult job for me without Vibra-Tech’s assistance. In addition, the rapid turn-around on the ground vibration attenuation studies was very helpful in addressing concerns from the pipeline companies.

Larry W. Gardner
Quality Control Manager
Larendo Petroleum