Featured Speaker

Our featured speaker at Re:Con 2020 is R. Frank Chiappetta, MSc., P.Eng.  Mr. Chiappetta will present four topics throughout the 3-day conference on blasting risk.

His presentation titled, “Common Blast Design Mistakes” looks at what may appear intuitive in blast designs and how that can often lead to disastrous results, particularly when not paying attention to the small details. Examples of the important blast design parameters will be discussed in detail.

Mr. Chiappetta will also present, “Use of Air Decks and Multiple Primers to Improve Fragmentation, Digging Rates, Casting, and Plant Throughput”.  This presentation will discuss the use of air decks and multiple primers within an explosive column and how that can yield tremendous results in increased productivity by up to 80%, without increasing the powder factor. Examples of the before and after blast design changes will be highlighted in this presentation.

“Underground Blast Designs to Minimize Overbreak and Increase Advance” will review overbreak in tunneling applications and how they can be very costly, particularly when very tight perimeter control tolerances are required. This topic covers what always works, and what not to do.

And finally Mr. Chiappetta will conclude by presenting, “Optimizing Blast Performance in Water Saturated Areas”. Blasting in water saturated areas poses extreme challenges in eliminating explosive contamination/dilution, dead pressing, sympathetic detonations, ground shifts, high ground vibrations, and overbreak. This topic covers practical and proven solutions in eliminating all of these problems.

R. Frank Chiappetta, MSc., P.Eng. has been President and Explosives Applications Engineer for the last 31 years with Blasting Analysis International, Inc. (BAI).  BAI is an independent international consulting group based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, specializing in custom blast designs, safety and blast audits, vibration/airblast controls, blast damage inspections, electronic detonator applications, presplitting and on-site training.  In his 49-year career, Mr. Chiappetta worked on major projects around the world, including the first major expansion and deepening of the Panama Canal.

Mr. Chiappetta has a MSc. degree in Mining Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada with a specialty in explosives applications.  He was one of four authors for the textbook entitled, Explosives and Rock Blasting, and received the Distinguished Service Award from the International Society of Explosives Engineers in 1990 for his outstanding technical contributions to the explosives and mining industries.