Shell Oil

When Shell Oil Company prospects for future oil reserves, the locations that are geologically promising often interface with residential communities or individual properties. The Shell management team realized that they needed expert advice, so they called GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech.

When a site in Larose, Louisiana that was providing data to enhance energy production within the United States was also causing concern for neighbors, an evaluation was required. Seismic exploration from multiple seismic lines was being developed and “shot” to allow for a three-dimensional evaluation of potential oil and natural gas reserves. These seismic lines were within close proximity to adjacent residences and communities, and there needed to be a way to evaluate the results of this seismic testing.

GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech provided monitoring services during the geophysical testing. Our recommendations included doing pre-blast inspections for buildings near the seismic lines and where the potential for complaints was highest. As additional backup, onsite monitoring was suggested when the seismic line approached a building. The field work was completed using multiple seismographs when nearby seismic lines approached residences and important buildings. The shot crew contacted the technician when the shot was imminent, and then the field recordings of velocity and airblast following detonation were gathered. In this fashion, seven parallel seismic lines were shot without delays, and all neighbors were protected.