PA 26/I-80 INTERCHANGE Project

Need to fulfill specific state blasting guidelines, GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech is your qualified independent blasting consultant.

HRI, Inc. contacted GeoSoncis/Vibra-Tech when they needed a qualified independent blasting consultant for the PA 26/I-80 INTERCHANGE project in Bellefonte, PA. The purpose of the project was to construct a high-speed interchange connection between I-99 and I-80, and to make improvements on Jacksonville Road.

Blasting was not initially anticipated, but GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech was able to mobilize quickly so the project would not be delayed. PennDOT specifications (Section 207—Blasting for Rock Cut Slope Excavation) required a qualified independent blasting consultant to conduct pre-blast and post-blast surveys, blast vibration monitoring and water supply monitoring. As part of the water supply monitoring program, GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech conducted pre-blast and post-blast tests of water wells within 1,000 feet of blasting.

Water well information was obtained through interviewing the well owner, reviewing available documentation, and direct measurement and observation of the water supply components. The well tests consisted of measuring the static level and drawdown/recovery rates. The static level test required a probe to be lowered in the wellbore in an effort to reach the top of the standing water column. The drawdown/recovery test required the well be pumped in order to lower the static level and measure the recharge rate. Additionally, water samples were collected and delivered to a certified laboratory for analysis.

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