Extraction Oil and Gas Well Pad Development

When gas well pads were being developed in the City and County of Broomfield, Colorado, GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech was hired to remotely monitor noise in their community.

Construction and installation of four new gas well pads had the City and County of Broomfield concerned about noise. GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech was hired to provide noise monitoring and a cloud-based web suite for data presentation and analysis. Eleven (11) remote noise monitoring stations were installed and provided both A and C weighted noise levels as per project specifications. Systems were also put into place to record sound audio files for noise levels above a threshold limit and automatically send files to the database for review and identification of the noise source. The allowable noise limits for the well pad development were set based on the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and an agreement between the oil and gas extraction company and City and County of Broomfield. GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech provided noise projection analysis and consulting as well as training of inspectors on the use and operation of equipment, documentation and test procedures. Enforcement program guidance for the project was also provided so City and County of Broomfield local officials could understand and analyze the data for compliance with the regulations.

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