Blasting Audits

Want a second opinion? Count on the expert staff at GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech to thoroughly review all your blasting best practices.

Issues surrounding blasting can be reduced when accurate results and records are maintained and drilling and blasting procedures are documented. External blasting audits can maintain the integrity of your blasting program by putting a third-party review in place. GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech’s qualified staff can provide thorough third-party auditing, including:

  • Ensuring complete accuracy of your blasting records.
  • Ensuring vibration monitoring procedures are correct:
    • Is the seismograph set up consistently each time?
    • Are the vibration records electronically stored or printed and maintained with the blasting logs for each and every blast?
    • Is the seismograph at the correct location based on local regulations?
  • Ensuring safety procedures are followed for blasting operations:
    • Is drilling done within guidelines?
    • Are blasters and helpers correctly planning and preparing the blast site?
    • Are safety procedures taken for loading and wiring?
    • Is the blast site cleared properly and are the correct and proper warning signals sounded prior to detonation?