Our Team

The GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech team is dedicated and professional, and we have an expert for any problem or situation that might arise.

Douglas Rudenko, P.G.

Vice President & Northeast Regional Manager

Jeffrey A. Straw

Vice President & Area Manager

Mohamad Sharif, P.E.

Vice President, Senior Engineer

Matthew J. Pilz

Vice President & Southeast Regional Manager

Keith Pucalik, P.G.

Vice President & Central Regional Manager

Kristin Ferdinand

Executive Vice President

Ethan Huff

Area Manager

Phyllis Hasser

Vice President & Area Manager

Joe Lozosky

Project Manager

Sue Shepley

Area Manager

Mike Donahue

Area Manager

Todd Pester

Area Manager

Chuck Jaworski

Area Manager

Geoffrey Rigsby

Southwest Regional Manager